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Our Services Include

General Pest Control:
Bee Brothers will assess the extent of your problems by identifying your pests and implementing the correct plan to prevent pests from invading your home or business. Common insects can cause disease or damage inside your place of work or residence. Whether it is cockroaches, ants, silverfish, beetles, spiders, fleas, ticks, or whiteflies Bee Brothers will eliminate and control your problem.

Bee Removal:
This is our specialty because our technicians have been trained to handle any situation that arises when it comes to bees. Bees are a very social insect and tend to create large hives within a matter of months. Down in south Florida bees are very common but can be very dangerous when their hive is located near or in residence. Bees cause a number of deaths every year in the United States and majority of them come from South Florida related incidents. Africanized Bees are also a common occurrence in south Florida so it always recommended for an expert to take care of the problem like our technicians at Bee Brothers. People are highly allergic to bee stings and can easily go into anaphylactic shock. This could result in a trip to the hospital or even a fatality. We at Bee Brothers can remove the hive from most accessible areas with a warranty to follow.

Bird Removal:
Are you tired of having birds roost and defecate on your driveways, cars, roof line, and any personal property? Bee Brothers have a solution to every Avian issue. We offer bird deterrent systems, bird spikes/wire, gel deterrents, and even netting in severe cases. When birds defecate it can cause several respiratory diseases and easily can deface corrode most surfaces. We can resolve all of your bird issues.

Bat Removal:
Bats in South Florida are a great benefit to the environment because of their ability to eat their body weight in insects every night. Bats however can cause quite the problem when they colonize in homes by either entering their attics or living underneath barrel tile roofs. Their defecation commonly called guano can cause a number of health problems and cause respiratory related diseases. Bats are a common carrier of paralytic rabies which poses a problem to pets and small children. We offer exclusion work to prevent access into your home or residence.

Rodent Control/Removal:
Rodents are one of the most destructive pests in South Florida. The most common rodent in South Florida is the roof rat. These rodents are naturally arboreal and constantly chew to wear down their front incisors. Their teeth grow from 6-8 inches a year and this can lead to them chewing into roofing area and making your attic home. When they enter an attic area it is not uncommon for them to make a nest and give birth to a litter within 30-45 days and having up to 8-12 young. They infest an area with in no time at all and can be a struggle for an amateur to take on. We can combat this problem by trapping all existing rodents in the structure, sealing up all known entries, and also provide population control stations on the outside to provide control for rodents.

Opossum Removal:
Opossums are North America's only marsupials and have the most teeth out of any land mammal. These animals are notorious for carrying a large number of ectoparasites and bacteria located inside of their mouths. These gruesome animals tend to invade attic areas and can destroy insulation, duct work, and electric wiring. They carry a pungent smell with their defecation and urination which is deposited in the attic area. These animals are very opportunistic and will seek refuge in a lot of human built structures. We will live trap these animals and remove them from your property safely.

Raccoon Removal:
Raccoons can be very dangerous animal to have on anybody's property. These nocturnal animals cause such problems as destroying landscape, defecating in the pool (which can cause bacterial infections), and breaking into residences. These animals are very dangerous because they are very destructive and carry a lot of diseases such as rabies. These animals are comparable to a small bear because they can be very destructive in attic by destroying insulation, creating a communal bathroom in the attic area (scientifically called a latrine), and produce a nest in an attic area. Raccoons can reproduce twice a year and produce 3-6 kits. We can live trap these animals, spread deterrent, and perform exclusion work to prevent reentry.

Toad/Frog Removal:
Frogs and Toads are amphibians which mean they spend time on land as well as in water. There are many different species of toads and frogs can be found here in South Florida. The most common nuisance amphibians in South Florida are the Cuban Tree Frog or Bufo Toad. These two can be very toxic or deadly to our pets and children. These invasive species hide in foundation gaps, stones, mulch, decaying leaves, and even in trees. We have trapping methods as well as other removal and prevention strategies to prevent these pests from being a problem to you or your family.

Snake Removal:
South Florida's eco-system is the perfect breeding ground for very dangerous and venomous snakes. The Coral, Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, Pygmy Rattlesnake and Florida Cottonmouth are the most dangerous and deadly here in South Florida. There is a lot of invasive constrictors that have infiltrated their way into neighborhoods and populous areas that can also pose a serious threat to public safety. Snakes can be found under homes (mobile too), along canals, in porous rock formations, pool equipment, or lets just say about anywhere in South Florida. We offer a number of Trapping and Deterrent Programs that you will find effective and efficient.

Whitefly Control:
Bee Brothers offers the latest application methods on the market to protect your property from attaining an infestation of whitefly. The ficus whitefly can damage a lot of property owner's hedges as well as other select vegetation. We our equipped with state of the art spray rig that can provide the service that will protect your ficus and leave it looking as green as ever. A large concerning issue in South Florida is the Rugose Spiraling Whitefly. This Insect has been wreaking havoc on most palm and hardwood trees. It produces a sugary substance that will stick to your car, driveway, or house and allow a sooty mold to grow on this honeydew. Bee Brothers can inject your trees with the Arbojet System and give your trees the long lasting residual they need.