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Our Services Include

Mosquitos carry diseases including Malaria,Zika and West Nile viruses or simply spoil your outdoor fun. Bee Brothers can reduce your exposure to these annoying invaders with a range of safe pesticides and Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs).

Invasive species throughout Florida can cause problems to native flora and fauna and threaten our ecosystem. Some excrete Salmonella in the defecation process, with the potential to poison our children or pets. Bee Brothers removes these pesky lizards from your property and provides deterrents against future infestations.

Realtor inspections:
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Rental Properties:
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Bee Brothers is certified by the State of Florida to identify and treat termites. We offer No-Tent Termite Control for South Florida's Drywood and Subterranean Termite species. This technique provides homeowners a convenient and hassle-free method of eliminating termites without sealing the property and fumigating. In addition, we are equipped to provide Injections, Attic Spraying, Drenching as well as Pretreatment options. And if you are purchasing a property, Bee Brothers conductstermite reports needed for New Home Buyer Inspections.

General Pest Control:
Bee Brothers can handle virtually all your pest control problems. In addition to other problems noted on this site, you can call us to eliminate: Cockroaches, Ants, Silverfish, Beetles, Spiders, Ticks, Fleas, just to mention a few. If you've got a pest, chances are that Bee Brothers can handle it for you.

Bee Removal:
Bees are very social insects, often establishing large hives within a matter of months. Bee stings can cause anaphylactic shock as well as death to those with serious allergies. In addition, South Florida is now home to a newer species, Africanized ("Killer") Bees. Compared with European Honey Bees, they are more defensive, react more quickly and can chase a person a quarter of a mile. They have killed numerous humans, horses and other animals and can inflict their victims with ten times more stings than Honey Bees. It is always advisable to delegate bee control to the experts.Bee Brothers make YOUR bees OUR business.

Bird Removal:
Tired of birds roosting (and defecating) on your driveway, patios, vehicles, roofs or in your business establishment? Bird excrement can corrode most surfaces and may contribute to certain respiratory diseases. Bee Brothers offers a range of bird deterrent systems for both large and small venues. Bee Brothers has a solution to every Avian issue.

Bat Removal:
While bats occupy a useful place in our ecosystem, nobody wants them in their home or place of business. Bats are notorious for carrying disease and even their excrement (called "guano") can contribute to various respiratory illnesses. Bats are a common carrier of paralytic rabies, posing risk to pets and small children. Let Bee Brothers take care of your bats and implement prevention methods to keep them away.

Rodent Control/Removal:
Rodents are not only unappealing and unsanitary, but are among the most destructive of all pests in this region. The most common rodent, the Roof Rat, has teeth that grow from 6-8 inches a year. The arboreal animalenters your home from the roof and grinds these teeth down by chewing on your roof or attic materials. Once in your attic, they build their nests and can give birth to litters of 8-12 offspring within 30-45 days. Rodent problems are another job for the experts at Bee Brothers. We can trap all existing rodents, seal their entry ways and provide population control stations on the outside to prevent them for the future.

Opossum Removal:
Opposoms are known for carrying a large number of parasites inside and outside their bodies and have the more teeth than any other mammal in North America. These gruesome, opportunistic creatures often invade attic areas, destroying insulation, ductwork and electrical wiring. In addition, their droppings carry a very pungent smell. Bee Brothers can trap these animals and safely remove them from your property.

Raccoon Removal:
Racoons are dangerous, destructive creatures. Whether they invade your landscaping, your attic or your pool they can spread disease, including rabies. If racoons enter your attic they can destroy insulation and create a communal area for their elimination (known as a "latrine.") Racoons can reproduce twice a year with litters of 3-6 offspring. Bee Brothers can trap these animals, apply deterrent and perform exclusion work to prevent reentry.

Toad/Frog Removal:
Frogs and Toads are amphibians, meaning they spend time on land and in water. But they can be a problem on YOUR land or in YOUR water. The most common nuisance amphibians in this region are the Cuban Tree Frog and the Bufo Toad, both sometimes deadly to pets or children. These invasive species hide in foundation gaps, stones, decaying leaves and even trees. Bee Brothers has trapping methods as well as other removal and prevention strategies to rid you of these pests.

Snake Removal:
Our ecosystem is the perfect breeding ground for snakes, including dangerous varieties. Coral, Eastern Diamondback and Pygmy rattlesnakes and the Florida Cottonmouth are the most dangerous venomous snakes in this region. In addition, a number of invasive constrictors have infiltrated our populous areas. Snakes can be found under residences (including mobile homes), along canals, in rock formations, pool equipment – virtually anywhere in South Florida. Bee Brothers offers a number of trapping and deterrent programs to control snakes.

Whitefly Control:
Tired of Whiteflies ruining your hedges, wreaking havoc on your treesand other vegetation? Your problem could be caused by the Ficus Whitefly. Another variety, the Rugose Spiraling Whitefly, not only damages palm and hardwood trees but also produces a sugary substance that may cover your residence, driveway or vehicles. This sticky coating is often a breeding ground for mold, leading to more headaches for property owners. Bee Brothers can treat the Whitefly problems with the Arbojet System to give you the long lasting protection you need.
  • "I am very impressed with Bee Brothers prompt and professional services. They eliminated a bee hive and also gave me a warranty that made my mind at ease. I will recommend them to anyone."

    Elizabeth DuBois

  • "I contacted several companies to take care of my rodent problem but when I called Bee Brothers they gave me all the information that I needed to choose the right company for me. Thanks Bee Brothers."

    Darren Goldwine

  • "My neighbor recommended me to the Bee Brothers for a troublesome roach and ant infestation. They were very professional and gave me peace of mind knowing that my problem was taken care of by the best."

    Carrol Brewster

  • "The Bee Brothers have been a life saver for my Family and I. They take care of everything on our property including a past raccoon problem, pest control, and our Lawn and Shrubs."

    Mary Tulum

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